OMELAND REAL ESTATE LTD is a real estate company who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and we attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.
Our tailored services include:
• Representing the Buyers and Sellers of World Class Architectural Estates in kigali
• Providing Comprehensive Sales, Marketing and Management Solutions for New Developments
• Representing Luxury Leasing Properties in Kigali
• Offering Vacation Homes in the Most Desirable Locations
• A Dedicated, Full-service Commercial Real Estate Division Specializing in Investment Sales of All Traditional Asset Classes
• Meeting the Unique Real Estate Needs of Professional Athletes and Entertainers through our Sports & Entertainment Division
Homeland real estate to our client’s responsibilities
• Protect their client’s financial information
• Negotiate the best possible price for the buyer
• Must disclose to the buyer if they are working with another buyer interested in the same property
• Show all properties the buyer is interested in that fits their criteria and budget
• Connect you with the service providers—inspectors, lenders, home warranty companies—to best suit your needs
The buyer also has some responsibilities to their buyer’s agent:
• Buyers must work with their buyers agent exclusively
• Buyers should never give personal information to any other agent
• Buyers should not call other agents to see properties, even if they think they are saving their agent some time and effort
• Buyers should clearly define their must haves and deal breakers to help their agent streamline the showing process
Real Estate Commissions fees
Homeland Real makes money through commissions fees, payments made directly to Homeland Real Estate for services rendered in the sale or purchase of real property. A commission is usually a percentage of the property’s selling price or renting price.
Homeland Real Estate typically charge is a negotiation between Homeland Real Estate and client both landlord and tenant or buyer, but is based on 10% of total payment amount in renting and 5% of total payment amount in selling .Some custom services may be available for a greater percent in Kigali , depending on the scope of work and market conditions.